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Innovation Prize Universal Biotech

The awarded ceremony will be held during the in Pavillon Dauphine on October the 9th, 2017

2016 innovation prize finalists

This year again, the competition was intense and the jury had to select the 2 best projects among 7 finalists coming from the USA, France, Switzerland and United Kingdom. The 2016 Universal Biotech Innovation Prize of 60.000 € was awarded to Switzerland project Bioversys AG for its solution to overcome drug resistance against an old antibiotic that is commonly used in the treatment of tuberculosis, and American company Pathmaker NeuroSystems Inc. with its proposed non-invasive coordinated multi-site neurostimulation to treat patients with paralysis, muscle weakness or spasticity.

BioVersys AG: Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (TB) has become a serious health threat worldwide. The project aims at overcoming drug resistance against an old antibiotic that is commonly used in the treatment of TB (Ethionamide) and at the same time render the bioactivation of Ethionamide even more efficient in order to be able to use lower doses for the patient. The team targets transcriptional regulators (DNA binding proteins) with their proprietary small chemical compounds and thus render the bioactivation of Ethionamide very efficient and eliminate resistance against the molecule.

PathMaker Neurosystems is a clinical-stage neurotechnology company developing non-invasive systems for the treatment of patients with paralysis, muscle weakness and spasticity. Based on Coordinated Multi-site Neurostimulation, our technology enables directionally-controllable modulation of spinal pathways that have been damaged from neurological disease or trauma. The team is working with world-class research institutions including ICM in France, and have human clinical trials now underway.

Innovation Prize 2016 Finalists

Sylvain Celanire

Pragma Therapeutics

Arnab Chakraborty

Flow MedTech, Inc.

Paul Chaney

PanOptica, Inc.

Yves Decadt

Medimetrics Personalized Drug Delivery B.V.

Marc Gitzinger

BioVersys AG

Mike Mace

Imperial College London

Nader Yaghoubi

PathMaker Neurosystems International SAS


Previous winners

2015 Laureates

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Khalid Ishaque
Pixium Vision

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34 countries involved

innovation prize 2015: 34 countries involved

An early stage competition

innovation prize 2015: An early stage competition

Areas covered

innovation prize 2015: Areas covered

289 Candidates in 2015

innovation prize 2015: 289 Candidates in 2015