Who will be the next laureate of the Innovation Prize 2017?

Who will be the next laureate of the Innovation Prize 2017?

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Finalistes BIOTECH

Miguel Prudencio
New vaccine against malaria
ROPLAVAC has developed an innovative immunization strategy against human malaria, employing a genetically modified rodent malaria parasite as a safe, efficient and versatile vaccination platform.

Alex Zwyer
Mazindol – A Game Changer for the Treatment of ADHD & Narcolepsy
NLS is repurposing and reformulating the wake-promoting agent Mazindol, previously indicated for short term obesity, in order to treat both Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Narcolepsy.

Younes Lazrak
C4Diagnostics develops breakthrough in vitro diagnostics for infectious by specifically tagging the agent surface of legionnaire’s disease and urinary tract infection. The patented technology of C4Diagnostics makes it possible to covalently attach conventional tags onto the agent surface allowing concentration and/or much faster detection than traditional cell culture.

Finalistes MEDTECH

Raphaël Blanc
Optima (Active Catheter from BaseCampVascular)
BaseCamp Vascular (BCV) is a start-up company developing an active catheter, based on shape memory, with an orientable tip for endovascular procedures.

Elizabeth Blake
Micrima, with its MARIA™ breast imaging system based on radiowaves, positions itself as a safer, less invasive and quicker alternative to X-ray mammography, in the detection of breast cancer.

Daria Lemann-Blumethal
Direct Selective Trabeculoplasty for Glaucoma Treatment
With a high-resolution image-acquisition algorithm, BELKIN Laser Ltd is developing a unique automatic, painless and fast glaucoma laser treatment.

Finalistes DIGITECH

Alessandro Scozzesi
With their science-based digital platform, INNOVITAS VITAE S.R.L. empowers women with fertility issues to conceive naturally whilst avoiding Assisted Reproductive Treatments.

Geoffroy Vergez
Observia offers an innovative mobile application, MyCurieSein, which prevents isolation, educates and motivates patients going back post breast cancer diagnosis and surgery.

Francisco Javier Andrade
CreatSens are innovative low-cost paper-based sensors which monitor kidney function and relays the data to health professionals.

Pierre-Marie Girod-Roux
Understanding the urgent need for predicting a patient’s answer to biologics treatment in Rheumatology, SINNOTEST will be able to select the best treatment with the highest probability of patient’s response in RA and AS.

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