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Universal Biotech

Innovation Prize Universal Biotech

Call for Proposal for Innovation Prize 2015  : February 2015


In the face of global competition and the permanent evolution of the markets, biotechnology companies must be ready to assert their technology, their products and services, as being amongst the best. Global competition and niche markets – these are changes that biotechnology companies must face. This evolution of the global industrial landscape accelerated the life cycle of products. The evolution of technologies and of the market are permanent and they force us to anticipate rapid change.

In this context, we are your partner in rising to the challenges of performance, and to respond to the ever-increasing demands of investment return. By working together, we take a pro-active approach to structuring your creative stance on innovation. In doing this, we help to solve your strategy and development problems, to guarantee that your company and the environment are compatible.

Our collaborative approach to advice enables us to have a thorough, cross-sectional vision, as much focused on your clients as your contractors and providers.

Our expertise and our international positioning helps to keep us focused on your needs and to employ necessary solutions to your problems.

From a detailed and personalised analysis of the problematics of your company, we offer the strategies and turn them into operational solutions. We remain focused on the economic results and on the performance of your company.